Consultants that think and work like entrepreneurs.

We have often been described as authentic, creative and daring and we are proud of it. Our vision is to lead a global community of businesses and youth that shares the same passion to create massive sustainable value and solve people problems. To do this we focus on helping companies upscale for business impact and penetrate into Asian markets through the power of connection whilst adhering to the Triple Bottomline approach, to make an impact on people, planet and profit simultaneously.

We are not alone in our journey. Since 2005, we have established a network of business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. This network was recently expanded further by our joining 8I Holdings Limited (8IH), an investment and business intelligence company that supports our eco-system as an antennae, providing us insights into the latest technologies and trends internationally, their potential and who has pushed boundaries to create radical solutions for consumers. Our journey has led us to successfully build businesses such as HealthLand Wellness Centre and Sui-San Fish Market at record pace. As consultants with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, we connect well with business owners because we are one too!

Realising Potential, Making Impact

What makes us valuable to clients, what we stand for and what we strive to deliver in every single campaign is encapsulated in our brand philosophy and tagline, ALWAYS MORE. Realising the optimum potential of businesses and people and making positive impact in the process is our purpose.

We are an integrated business consultancy that delivers measurable and impressive ROI to clients. We do this through strategic, digital and activation campaigns for the region’s leading brands. Our team of brand and digital experts pour their passion and experience into integrated solutions to help brands stay relevant in today’s fast changing environment. Get MORE with 8MAD!

Integrated Solutions

Market intelligence, strategy and activation all under one roof.

Specialised Knowledge

We have dedicated the last 20 years going deep into property, lifestyle and education industries.

Building Championship Teams

Coaching the people behind the brands is our unique approach.

Eco System Development

Our network of business, parent and youth communities adds value to everything we do.

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Connect With Us

Thoughts from the CEO Whilst it may seem impossible to move objects with our mind or change forms like superheroes in movies, it is certain that the incredible powers of the human brain remains unlocked for most people. It is this awareness together with the unprecedented change we are witnessing in human history that 8MAD GROUP’s purpose was born. What started out as an idealistic goal to make a difference more than a decade ago has in recent years been sharpened to be congruent with our business model; i.e. to help people and companies realize their latent potential whilst solving problems faced by people. It is this intrinsic desire that drives us daily, to strive to create massive value for the community. At 8MAD GROUP, we consistently look for ways to make an impact by focusing on the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit) for long term sustainability. This burning desire for sustainability cascades not just over our network of clients and business partners but also the people that work for and with us. Our joining the 8I Holdings family recently has further amplified our ability to produce work that can potentially impact millions of lives. We are indeed blessed. In 2017, we are looking forward to enchant more people; to move their minds, hearts and bottomlines. Our mantra GO DEEP, GO BEYOND is our war cry to mobilise and spur our championship team further. Please feel free to connect with me directly to find out more about what we do and discuss what we can do in REALISING POTENTIAL and MAKING AN IMPACT together. You can reach me at Thank you. 该慢就慢 该快就快 Slowing down to be more, Patrick Wee Kok Han Chief Executive Officer a.k.a. The Constant Gardener

Leadership Team

Patrick Wee

Group CEO a.k.a. The Constant Gardener

Sue Lynn Wee

Executive Director a.k.a. The Ka-Ching Cat

Crystal Koh

Managing Director a.k.a. The Duchess

Joe How

Director of Creative Productions

Eugene Lim

Associate Director, Human Potential Development a.k.a. The Energizer

Elaine Heng

Manager, Customer Value a.k.a The Black Canary

Carina Ong

Magnifier, Customer Value a.k.a. Kuukie

Sanol Azrin

Multiplier, Customer Value

Jaclyn Tan

Magnifier, Customer Value a.k.a. The Fearless Phoenix

Faizd Abu

Multiplier, Customer Value

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