Success story - F&N - PR activation


Having executed Cabaran Raja Tarik for over a decade, F&N Dairies was looking for fresh ideas to bring its’ annual biggest event of the year to the next level through innovative Events and PR campaign ideas.


Leveraged on Quill City Mall’s OLD KL Raya decoration to go down the nostalgic lane and amplify the rich culture and history of Teh Tarik. A series of entertaining Event activation ideas were being put together, alongside a mini exhibition and side activities befitting to F&N’s brand proposition of treasured taste moments. This was an opportunity to promote Teh Tarik Kahwin as the perfect accompaniment to every local favourite and further strengthen F&N’s positioning as the go to brand for the perfect glass of Teh Tarik. PR activation team on the other hand managed to secure over 15 media outlets to cover the event and conduct PR media interviews by way of pitching the event as one that will see Malaysian spirit triumph. F&N Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Milk with Malaysians from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds coming together to celebrate the rich culture of Malaysian’s favourite pulled tea through Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N 2015 was proved to be a strong media angle that was relevant and add values to readers.


1) Strengthened the ownership of “Teh Tarik” by F&N at the OP level; i.e. “Think Teh Tarik, Think F&N”.
2) Reinforced F&N as an innovative and vibrant brand by constantly bringing delight to Malaysia’s F&B lifestyles.
3) Built Brand Affinity by engaging with F&N users
4) Succesfully promoted Teh Tarik Kahwin, the (less sweet) way of making Teh Tarik (i.e. with F&N sweetened creamer and F&N evaporated creamer).
5) Extensive media coverage was achieved in the mainstream media and online social media, including newspaper, magazines, blogsphere, TV, and radio. A total PR Value of RM 811,774.50 and an ROI of 19.5 times was being achieved.

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