Saying Goodbye (Why It’s Okay To Move On)

Dear MADians,

Greetings from the Constant Gardener!

I’m taking the opportunity with the long weekend to pen you this letter.

Recently, we caught up with a few ex-team members and was happy to hear about what they are up to. April is now Manager at Sunway Innovation Labs (Sunway iLabs), making an impact with her experience and knowledge in guiding start-ups, Carol and Tiffany are back doing what they do best – media sales, Nee Hui is handling Marketing & Events at Sunway Velocity and Fabian has just recently joined I-City.

We look forward to continuing supporting each other and collaborating with them to create massive value. In fact, both Crystal and I have been in close contact with them and we’re constantly, whenever the opportunity occurs, creating value for each other.

I’m glad that at 8MAD Group, we are guided by the Japanese concept of IKIGAI where we are constantly in conversations with everyone in the team about our reason for being, what gets us out of bed. Aligning what we love to do, what we want to be good at, what we can get paid for and what the world needs are something we constantly strive to achieve.

Life is a constant journey of growing and refining what our purpose is. Over the past 12 years, we have had people departing for various reasons and it has never been about whether they are good enough for us or the other way around. It is usually about a misalignment or mismatch of one or more of the circles above.

Pravina’s IKIGAI is not when she is preparing invoices but when she helps other women look mesmerising with her hands and makeup kit. Lih Ren’s skills and experience in start-ups is not a match with what the company needs currently being a fast growth business consultancy group. There are those of us who are still on a journey of self-discovery and healing on latent personal issues. Then there is also us, the steering committee who is still learning the skills to hire the right people and then putting them in the right spaceships and seats. Thank you for your faith and trust in us to help you and we realise our infinite potential.

You’ve likely heard that “Timing is Everything” many times before, but whilst I don’t agree it’s “everything” it certainly is one of the main reason why we let go and allow some people to move on. We all make mistakes and we will never let that be the reason we give up on people. Sometimes, however, we have to give up not because we don’t care anymore, but because we realise the timing is not right; because where they are at and what they want in life don’t match up with our company purpose, values and/or needs.

While timing is critical, what is non-negotiable is our Guidestones. In some rare cases, we have released staff that we found have been dishonest and displayed behaviour that is out of integrity. Do know that we would always provide a number of opportunities to make rectifications, but if a person continues to live below the line by not admitting their mistakes and continue to deny, lay blame or make excuses even after numerous coaching sessions, we will have to allow the team member to move on. We trust that as part of the MAD family, you will also help us uphold our Guidestones of Love, Integrity and Growth. Our culture is what defines us and our magic-sauce to help us continue to scale to achieve our BHAG; i.e. to uplift 100 million lives by 2028. To do this, we need the right team members with the same Way of Being as us, i.e. Creative, Authentic and Daring joining us at the right times during our journey. Please continue to help us magnify our culture.

Thank you for being a MADian and I look forward to growing together with you for many, many more years to come.

Slow Down to Be More,