Thoughts From Super Intern, Alyna

Hola amazing people,

I’m writing this to you with a heart full of joy even though I first started off with uncertainties in my head and doubts in my heart. There is something that happens when you start to figure out who you are. I hope this journey of my internship in 8MAD GROUP amazes you.

This year, 2018, marks a crucial change in my life. I will no longer have classes a couple hours a day, finding time to lounge in the sun no matter how hectic my schedule gets. I will enter a world where punctuality and consistency are far more important and procrastination is no longer tolerated. The corporate world is standing before me, a towering, concrete office building with windows and sunshine. I know where this is leading me and it is a stepping stone.

Perhaps, life is more than this.

I’m currently in my fifth week at work.

Settled down, everything feels so surreal while I’m typing this. Did not expect myself expanding my horizon in a business consultancy nor little did I realise that I am enjoying this roller-coaster ride called ‘Life After Degree.’ I was intrigued by the championship culture at 8MAD GROUP after speaking to my CEO Group and my colleagues who had gone through the pursuit of their own dreams. 8MAD GROUP is an integrated business consultancy that delivers measurable and impressive ROI to clients. They do this through strategic, digital and activation campaigns for the region’s leading brands.

8MAD GROUP has a team of brand and digital experts pouring their passion and experience into integrated solutions to help brands stay relevant in today’s fast changing environment. I felt that an internship at 8MAD GROUP was a great platform for me to gain deeper insights into the branding and marketing industry. 8MAD GROUP is also known for its brand philosophy and tagline, ALWAYS MORE which I believe provide numerous learning and growing opportunities for the interns. To be able beyond their dreams and limits in realising their potentials.

Nevertheless, the work and exposure I was offered and kept up with were still extremely interesting and rewarding. I would tell future interns to always remain on their toes in order to accept new material as quickly and swiftly as possible.

I am grateful for bridging opportunities, those that link you from where you stand and take you to a place you thought you’d never get the chance to wander. My time spent in 8MAD GROUP was supported by incredible leadership in the Communication & Culture Department, people who invested time and effort into guiding me and stood beside me as I dug deeper internal wells. In this internship, I was trusted to expand my writing skills, magnifying the culture in 8MAD GROUP, brainstorming creative ideas and provide support the 8MAD GROUP campaigns that ignite change locally.

Working with a team stretched from having different backgrounds to talents and passions, I refined a time management, organization, and self-motivation skill set that I believe has prepared me for the next milestone of my journey. Greater things are yet to come and I thank 8MAD GROUP for equipping me and inspiring me forward. To try something understanding there is a risk of failure but trusting that you can learn from those mistakes and grow next time has been so encouraging. I am excited to hear that the following interns will create priceless value in 8MAD GROUP.