Building Successful Brands and Businesses

At 8MAD GROUP, we are driven by our iconic tagline, “Always More”.

In today’s marketplace, customer focus is an essential part of building successful brands and businesses. It is important to determine customers’ needs and wants in order to drive the working force behind the company’s products or services.

So what does 8MAD GROUP do to build businesses that are viable and sustainable?

We think that customer focus approach is beyond the idea of “What more can we get out of the customers?”. Instead, we constantly seek to provide products or services to customers by asking ourselves: “What MORE can we give to them?”

Congruent with our tagline, we endeavour to be more in our work to make a difference; leading us to build successful businesses. To date, we have built several brands and businesses that have gained positive recognition. This includes Malaysia’s first sports leadership company, YUBER and Malaysia’s only holistic wellness center chain, HealthLand.

building successful brands

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