GO DEEP, GO BEYOND. Annual Letter (2017) from 8MAD GROUP CEO, Patrick Wee

GO DEEP, GO BEYOND. Annual Letter (2017) from 8MAD GROUP CEO, Patrick Wee to MADians.

Yesterday was my second attempt to bring the kids closer to nature. Thanks to Stacey Lee’s suggestion, a number of us, namely Crystal Koh, Elaine Heng, Carina Ong, E Wei Lim plus Komi Guillory and her family decided to take a hike up Bukit Wawasan in Puchong.

I chose my fight carefully and only targetted Skye and Rayne this time round knowing how hard it would be to wake a teenager up at 6:30am on a weekend. She probably won’t speak to me for a day if I forced her to join to us.

My first attempt with the boys was several months ago and my sales pitch was “Let’s go on an adventure to nature.” Going with the flow, we ended up doing a quick walk at Gasing Hill but the trip didn’t impress, leaving behind complaints of mosquitos and that it was “scary”.

I was a little anxious how this second attempt would turn out, and hence told myself to find ways to make it fun and keep it easy for the boys. Well, it didn’t quite turn out how I expected it to be.

Right from “Let’s Go”, Skye and Komi’s daughter, Shailaja were racing ahead with tiny Rayne grunting with a steely determination to keep up. All these while, being the natural protective parents we are, both Komi and myself kept asking them to slow down as we were having problems keeping up with them especially with a lagging and frustrated Rayne who probably is the most competitive amongst the three. We were also doubtful whether the kids will reach the top and contemplated taking shorter, easier routes so that we will have a better chance of getting them to come back next time.

At some point however, both Komi and I realised that there was no stopping the kids. The hike was tough and slippery in many parts but everytime we checked in with the kids, turning back was not an option; it was more of a race on who would reach the top first, especially between Skye and Shailaja.

Slow down? Is that all we want them to focus on? Right then, I had a really profound AHA moment… How often have I been the culprit of being too protective of our people and holding them back from their full potential? My personal mantra, “Slowing Down to Be More” needs to be applied in the right context of time and space.

Instead of asking them to slow down, we pivoted quickly and insisted on the kids taking short breaks to pause; to rest and recover (even though they insisted they didn’t need them; I think I was more out of breath than them). We also reminded them that it is not a competition between ourselves but a team effort to get everyone right to the top. I was beaming with pride at one point when Skye trekked back a good 20 feet to help Rayne when I told him that no one should be left behind, that we should do it together as a group.

With our new mantra, GO DEEP, GO BEYOND for 2017, there is no looking back. I love the amazing feedback I have been getting from our 530am hack which we started on Tuesday. I’m absolutely certain that we will achieve spectacular results if we continue to persist. We got off on a good start. Now it’s up to all of us to support each other; to persist and build our resilience and willpower. Let’s forge ahead together, get out of our comfort zone to do what it takes to realise our potential and create massive value for ourselves, our family, the community and the world.

Another big AHA moment for me from this trip is the importance of right motivation. Going back to nature, breathing clean air did not do anything for Skye and Rayne; competition did. Throw in an equally competitive dynamo like Shailaja totally changed the dynamics of the outing.

Dear MADians, my new year message to you this year is simple, the next time we want to move people into action, we need to move their minds and hearts first. Pause to find out what drives them, then seek to ENCHANT them.

2017 is going to be a big year for us. In 2016, we face some set backs in our events and education divisions but branding and communications surged ahead, doubling in growth. We learned so much and I have the tingle down my spine that 2017 is our year of exponential growth. Continuing with the momentum we started in 2016 and with a much stronger leadership team in place, we will go deeper with our existing businesses and clients. We will go beyond mindset and geographic by setting up our Singapore office and servicing more international clients. There are also some very potential merger & acquisition opportunities on the table already.

My aim for 8MAD GROUP in 2017 is RM 10,000,000 in revenue and 15% net profit. My target for Sui San is 5 stores with RM 200,000 monthly revenue and 15% net profit with online sales of RM 2,400,000 by end 2017.

Can we do it team?