The Art Of Being-Doing-Having

behaviour for life success

How often do you pause and wonder when someone close to you annoys you like mad with his or her behavior, what is beneath that behavior, what is the cause of it?

Are you unhappy with any aspects of your life currently? Wish you had more money or wonder why you have not found your ideal partner?

behaviour for life success

8MAD GROUP’s mantra is ALWAYS MORE, the commitment to create massive value, to do excellent work, to always deliver more than what is expected.

The only way we can deliver this consistently is our way of BEING. How do you see yourself? How do you think people see you? Understand and take on the identity that we are by nature excellent and capable of creating epic, genius work. Be driven by the values of integrity (the importance of delivering our promises, keeping to our word), creativity and doing good.

behaviour for life successbehaviour for life success

Believe that we are 100% responsible for the results we get in our life and have the power to shape our future. Feel good and empowered to make mistakes and seek feedback actively because we know the more fail, the faster we become better.

To be excellent in what we do, we need to BE committed (being strong and resilient) to DO what is necessary – waking up early, pick up a new skill and will ourselves to practise it everyday until we get really good at it.

How do you see yourself? Are you committed to excellence, to BEING MORE? What are you going to DO about it? Only you and you alone can answer these questions.